What should you know about the Barcelona Erotic Show 2017?

The Barcelona Erotic Show is by far one of the most important industry events in Spain. It takes place between 5-8 October 2017, and it manages to bring in front a huge array of exhibitions, activities and famous stars.

What makes the Barcelona Erotic Show great is the fact that it celebrates all things erotic and sexuality in general. Not only that, but it has something for everyone. From stripteases to live sex shows, there’s always something to enjoy regardless of your sexual preference. It’s also a show focused on fetishes at times, so if you like this sort of thing the Barcelona Erotic Show can be right up your alley.

salon erotico barcelona

Moreover, the Barcelona Erotic Show focuses on showcasing erotic photography and art too. It’s a great cultural event as well, for people that want to delve deep into the beauty of erotic art and showcase it unlike never before. It’s a distinct thing to have, and it does tend to bring in front some outstanding new ideas each year.

You can purchase tickets for the entire duration of the event, or you can just opt for a single day ticket if you want. The programming can be found here and it shows that you can enjoy quite a lot of cool activities this year.

You have the Erotic Magic Show, as well as body paint and twerking contests. The show also has performances, body suspensions, and BDSM, so there’s always something to enjoy for everyone that wants to attend this particular event. The list of activities is plentiful, and it will surely get to cover the 4 days of this show more than enough in the end. They also added some wet T-shirt contests that make this show even more interesting, not to mention the Barcelona Erotic Show is looking for the next Magic Mike too.

Of course, you also have the LGBT corner of the show, where you can see lots of porn shows with your favorite stars. You can easily find talks at the conference rooms as well as the EnclaveGay experience that will be a sheer delight to experience and enjoy. The Barcelona Erotic Show also has its own set of prizes this year, that will end up bringing you quite the experience.

It’s safe to say that everyone who loves at least simple erotic ideas should visit the Barcelona Erotic Show this year. There are tons of amazing activities to be had; you get to meet other people that share your interests, not to mention that there are tons of great prizes to be won in here as well.

It’s a safe bet that you will get to enjoy this entire experience quite a lot. If you have any interests in erotic shows or unique erotic ideas, this may be right up your alley. You should give this a shot, so check it out, and you will not be disappointed at all! Plus, the ticket prices are affordable, and you get to be a part of maybe the best and most popular show in the industry. Make the most out of this great opportunity right now and book your Barcelona Erotic Show tickets today!

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