Strip Poker:
An ace under the sleeve

Marco laid out his cards on the table. Nina brought her hands to her head with a pleasant expression of bewilderment and frustration. His smile, invading Marco’s wet dreams, decorated his sweet face, mined with honey-colored round freckles. Marco’s face, however, seemed frozen. “Poker face,” Nina described.

“I do not understand how you do it,” she said, shaking her head.

Marco was on a roll. On the table there were no tokens, no money or anything of the sort. The one who lost was removing clothes. Nina’s sweater, scarf, hat, stockings, shirt and panties were packed together with an ashtray and a couple of bottles of wine.

Nina was driving Marco crazy. He feared he had entered that phase of “friends,” though he insisted on setting his position. He would give her small suggestive gifts, invite her out with fairly clear intentions and show certain signs that, unlike when she played poker, they were so clear that even a blind man would have seen them.


Nina had her doubts. He was leaving a relationship that almost ended his emotional life and was not for more complications. In any case, he wanted, without longing, something fleeting, momentary. A slip that maybe could lead to something more serious. And deep down I also wanted Marco, but according to his angle could not read it, even when they were on a date, much less when they took out the decks to play poker. For some strange reason, although the tension between them was more than obvious, things had not materialized. One night, drunk to the marrow, they ended up at Marco’s house and slept together. They literally slept, as their respective passions passed into the background as soon as they touched the bed. The idea of ​​playing strip poker was hers and that gave Marco a broad hope.

“Okay, it’s your turn,” Marco said.

Marco showed the vestige of a victory smile when Nina proceeded to remove the bra. Her breasts were just as she had imagined them. Thousands of times had fantasized about himself kissing those perfect nipples like chocolate buttons and hazelnuts.

Nina met his eyes for a moment and smiled between embarrassed and pleased. She only had her skirt on. His trick of adding more clothes before he started did not do him any good. Marco, if anything, had only been forced to take off his shoes.

“Let’s make a deal,” Nina said. If I win this hand, you give me more than your clothes.

Marco frowned.

“All or nothing, Marco,” he said, picking up the cards and chopping the deck.

I was puzzled. His face was enough to express his questions.

“Well, I can give you something in return if you win,” she went on, “but this is the last move.

Marco leaned back in his chair. He had come so far and did not want to take any chances. At least he could see her naked and see if that was how things were. Of course, on the other hand I could ask for much more.

“What do you mean, everything?” He asked interestedly.

“It’s all you want,” Nina said in a way that sounded like a dream come true. And nothing is … well nothing, “he added with a smile that incited Marco even more.

– What you want?

Nina nodded without taking those tenderly lascivious eyes from above.

“But,” she said, “if I win, I have the right to ask you for something in return.”

Marco had a hard time restraining himself. He felt his heart jump and a mess in his thoughts. I knew I could win, I was sure of it. He also knew that chance is treacherous, but he accepted.

Nina handed the cards and placed two on the table. Then he looked at Marco and gestured with his chin. He asked for another letter. She passed. For a moment Marco saw the ghost of insecurity pass in his mind. Nina noticed him, almost imperceptibly, raised his eyebrow. Then he saw a sort of false glow in his retina. An expression of illusion.

Marco put his cards on the table: trio of hearts. A silence prevailed in the room. Nina looked at the letters, looked at hers. He looked defeated, but immediately changed it by a victory and scourged his hand to expose his full house. Marco froze. He had fallen into his trap.

She held it up by lifting her arms, making her breasts dance. Marco stood motionless, incredulous, watching the cards on the table.

“Now,” said Nina suddenly, going to her room, “I’m going to collect my profit. Will you join me?

Marco looked up in surprise.

“I want you to eat me,” Nina whispered.

Nothing more was needed. Marco rose from his chair like lightning and ran after her. They did not even turn on the light. Luck was thrown at them, finally. Nina grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and made him fall beside her on the bed. He kissed her breasts and ran each stretch of the curvature of her naked body. It descended on his chest and navel, slowly, with the tip of his tongue warm, lost in the damp flower between his legs. Nina buried her fingers in Marco’s hair, moaning and begging him not to stop. Luck smiled at him. He had learned from the best. All you had to do was play the cards well and pull the ace right under her skirt.

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